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Member Biographies

Instruments are Therapeutic Music ToolsThough our organization was officially founded in 2008, we have been serving the community informally for many years.

Each member of our group has been specifically trained in the use of his or her own instrument, which may be harp, flute, Native American flute, guitar, or voice, as a therapeutic tool.  Additionally, we are each certified in the therapeutic use of music and have met the education and internship requirements of a national standards board and subscribe to a code of ethics for our profession.

We typically work within established healthcare organizations where we serve as part of a professional team dedicated to addressing the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of patients.

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General Members:

Michael Setz, President Elizabeth Bogdanovich
Linda Maples, Secretary Marian Caldwell
Nancy Hartwig, Treasurer Laura Caravello
Clay Jackson, Legal Counsel Jeri Day
Terri King-Setz, Board Member Katie Goudie
  Pauline McRae


Betsy Moore
Elizabeth Proett Nancy Nelle
  Judy Phillips
  Joy Sponseller
  Lisa Stine
  Mary E. Superak
  Bev Tyack
  Jean Ann Walth