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Music Partners in the Media

Please take a moment to see some of what we've been up to!



The Harpist (YouTube)

A wonderful video of Elizabeth (Petsy) Proett, one of the founding members of MPIH, who is now serving patients with live therapeutic music at Kaiser in Roseville. Music Heals!


Healing Beyond Medicine (KVIE)

Non-traditional healing methods are gaining acceptance within the medical community. Explore the healing power of music and touch, as well as the powerful bonds between people and the animals who help them live with daily health challenges.


The Harp’s Healing Power (YouTube)

Good Day, Good People, ABC News Channel

"In tonight's Good People, the story of a woman who is using her talents to help premature babies at Mercy San Juan Hospital…"


Healing Harp Music For Premature Babies (YouTube)

Good Day Sacramento, Channel 31 KMAX-TV, August 2005

"We know that the power of music can really change your mood and help you relax, but can it heal you…"




The Sound of Healing

The Music Practitioner, October, 2013

"During my recent eight-day stay at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital, I liked to keep the curtain by my hospital room door partially closed…" read article


Practitioners Heal – With Music

Roseville & Granite Bay Press Tribune, April 10, 2012

"On a recent afternoon, a quiet hospital room came to life with the soothing sounds of a harp. Musician Jean Ann Walth strummed for patient…" read article


Musicians Double as Health Care Workers in Local Hospitals

American River Messenger, June 2008

"From old time hootenannies and hoe-downs to marching bands to classical or rock concerts, music is enjoyed by most people the world over. But most of them may not be aware that music also has healing properties…" read article


Bringing Music to the Bedside

My Doctor, Kaiser Permanente Roseville/Sacramento

"When volunteer Elizabeth Wendt brings her harp to our Roseville Medical Center to play music for patients, she’s more than an entertainer—she’s a healer"… read article


Harpist's Sounds Soothe Preemies

Sacramento Bee, July 2005

"Every parent knows that lullabies can calm a crying baby. But what about live harp music performed in the hospital for premature infants? A team of nurses and specially trained musicians…" read article