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The Lullaby Gift CD can be purchased online via PayPal or it can be ordered by mail. Proceeds from the sale of this CD are donated to Music Partners in Healthcare.



Lullaby Gift CD

Little Myra was born weighing just
1 lb. 6 oz. and her outlook was grim.
As her grandma, Aileen Kelley wanted to help but all she really knew how to do was to sit by Myra’s hospital bed and play the harp -- very softly and very simply. Aileen watched with wonder as Myra’s little body responded to the music with stabilized body rhythms and blood pressure. From that experience comes this CD of gentle bedtime music.

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CDs cost $15.00 each (includes tax and shipping).


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CD Return Policy: We have not experienced any problems with the Lullaby Gift CD. However, if a defective CD should be found, it may be returned and a replacement CD will be sent free of charge.