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As you can imagine, we have shared some wonderful experiences with patients, family, and staff. We're delighted to share a few of their comments with you.



Harpist Using Music as Therapy"Thank you for visiting me in the hospital and soothing both my mind and body with your beautiful music. I have now healed from my surgery but will always remember your visit as a bright moment in my recovery. The service you provide is priceless."



"Your music caused chills up my back, which soon resolved. A deep sense of peace came over me and I let go of my tension. I was then able to share some very close moments with my mom. I will never forget this experience."

Daughter of Patient


"It was a very uplifting experience for both my wife and me. It was a time to relax, slow down, and be renewed. It brought a deep inner peace."



"I will never forget one time you came a couple years ago. It was crazy that day -- we had so many confused patients and everyone was agitated and upset. We were all so stressed. You started to play in the day room, and little by little things calmed down until everyone was quiet and relaxed. I'll always remember that day. You made such a difference!"

Cathie, Unit Assistant, Eskaton Care Center, Fair Oaks, CA


Harpist Using Music as Therapy“We are very pleased with the therapeutic music that music practitioners provide at our facility. This group of dedicated professionals definitely contributes to the quality of life of our residents. Our residents and their families often report to us the benefits of the therapeutic music such as: feeling much more relaxed, being in less pain, and feeling less anxious. They are an essential part of our team. Often, when all of our attempts to get the person out of their shell fail, it happens that these music practitioners are the only ones that are able to help them start their healing. Their expertise in therapeutic music touches them deeply. As they play their harps they really tune into a person’s soul. It provides peace and healing.”

Danijela Stroud,
 Activities Director, Eskaton Care Center Fair Oaks


“Over the past years we have seen our residents truly benefit from this type of therapy. We have seen residents who are usually agitated calm down, residents who were non-verbal and in pain seem more relaxed… We even had a resident who is non-verbal respond to their music by humming along and giving us a big smile. Priceless.”

Social Worker, Fair Oaks, CA


“The doctors and nurses talk to me and I don’t understand. If you sang or talked to me, I could not understand your language. But this language I understand. In music we have the same language.”

Patient, through a translator, Carmichael, CA


“Don’t leave! The music soothes us too!”

NICU doctor, Carmichael, CA


“I had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand listening to [the practitioner] play to two patients and subsequently playing for my mother, who was a patient at the time… I found the experience to be very gratifying and exceedingly relaxing… I am a great believer in integrative medicine and specifically feel that music is a wonderful addition to the healing process.”

ICU Doctor, Folsom, CA


Harpist Using Music as Therapy“Today an infant on a high-flow nasal canula had to have oxygen increased while Mom was holding him, due to dropping oxygen saturation. As the harp was played, the infant’s sats increased, O2 requirements dropped, and respiratory rate decreased.”

Nurse, Carmichael, CA


"We are so glad to see you every time you come. Your music comforts the patients, but it also comforts the staff too, and we really need it."

Jeanette, Unit Assistant, ICU, Kaiser Roseville